Vero & Borja


Wedding at santa teresa venue, menorca

Venue: Santa Teresa
Catering: Salgar 
Wedding planner: Essence Menorca
Flowers: Vida Art Floral
Bride dress: Mireia Barcelona
Bride shoes: Manebí
Bride jewellery: Cocoon
Cocktail music: Fusiona2Menorca
Dinner music: Lara Pons

If you ask me if it’s possible to organize a beautiful wedding in three months… Yes, it is, and here are the photos of Vero and Borja’s wedding to prove it. A work move from Barcelona to New York accelerated the process of organizing their wedding, and thanks to the wedding planners of Essence Menorca and the rest of the wedding vendors, they managed to celebrate the day they wanted surrounded by nature.

Everything happened at one of my favorite wedding venues in Menorca: Santa Teresa, located on the north coast and near the Cavalleria lighthouse. They both got ready there, and once ready, they did a first look, one of my favorite moments as a wedding photographer in Menorca.

A first look is the moment when the couple sees each other for the first time before the ceremony, this moment is usually done alone – in addition to the photographer and videographer to capture the reaction-. Some couples decide to do it because it allows them to have a private moment before the ceremony, reduces the stress and anxiety of the big day, and also gives them the opportunity to take pictures together before the official ceremony begins.

After this moment, Vero and Borja walked together towards their civil ceremony with views of the lighthouse and the sea in the background. To make the most of the guests and the sunset light, we decided to do two mini couple sessions instead of a long photoshoot, the first was just after the ceremony and the second when the golden light was flooding the venue completely.

The guests didn’t stop dancing during the cocktail hour or dinner, which was a buffet with Catering Salgar. Without even finishing dessert, the guests got up again to sing and dance with the newlyweds to Lara Pons’ songs.