About Me

About me

I am Eva Timoner, I was born and raised in Menorca and my fascination for photography started when I was a kid. Listening to my parents tell me the behind old after the Sunday countryside walk was my perfect plan.

I got my first analog camera around the age of nine, and then I began taking photos of everything, from landscapes and animals to random objects that were around the house. Mom and Dad, thank you for all the investment in all those dubious quality photos and films you brought to the photography shop to develop.

An analogue photography course during high school made me buy my first digital SLR camera and go to Barcelona to study photography. When I finished, I went to London and worked as a fashion and product photographer until a trip to Paris made me fall in love with the city and I moved again. It was in France where I photographed my first wedding and I discovered that telling people’s stories through documentary photography filled me much more than fashion photography.

In 2014 I decided to return to Menorca and thus Latelier Menorca was born. These more than 10 years of experience as a wedding and family photographer in Menorca have been wonderful, I have met incredible people, I have seen couples and families evolve and I have been able to accompany them at different stages of their lives, I have made friends and lived experiences that would not have happened to me if I weren’t a photographer. Also, I have not found the light of this island anywhere else, and feeling that I am surrounded by nature and the sea gives me a feeling of calm and happiness that I am grateful for every day.

In addition to telling stories, I am very interested in the preservation of nature, nutrition and putting on a backpack to travel anywhere. I have a small obsession with animals and their well-being -especially with my two adopted dogs, the pichis.

I like to start the day with a breakfast that includes toast and coffee. And when I’m not working I’m doing pottery, crossfit, reading or hiking with the people I love. Although I never say no to watching a series or a movie lying on the sofa eating popcorn.

Photos must be alive

My philosophy


My greatest achievement as a photographer is capturing natural, fun and spontaneous moments. The final photo report should reflect your personality and what happened without forced posing. Your story is unique, and my job is to capture it in images so you can remember it forever.


I am fascinated by emotions and the bonds between people, and weddings are loaded with these two things. The nerves before the ceremony, the joy of celebrating with your friends, one hand reaching out to another, the glances between family members… Those are the moments that I pursue and that move me.


Photography is light and the one we have in Menorca is difficult to match. I like to see how it changes throughout the day, from the clean colors in the morning to the golden light that floods everything towards sunset. When editing I look for soft and realistic tones that reflect your day and are timeless, so your photos don’t go out of style.

How do I work at weddings?

1) I like to meet the couples before the wedding, either by video call or over coffee, for me it is important that there is a good feeling between us. A wedding is a very intense day and you do not want your photographer to be someone you do not know or who does not give you calm and security.

2) Generally I start the report an hour and a half before the ceremony, and I stay until I have enough material of people giving everything at the party, in those 8 to 10 hours I photograph the ceremony, the couple’s photoshoot, the aperitif and also the reception.

3) If you don’t know how to pose, don’t worry, it’s normal. It’s part of my job to guide you and make you feel comfortable so the result of your couple photos comes out natural and still show your who you are.

4) Final photos are delivered via a password-protected private gallery, so you can view, download, and submit your photos over and over again. I always say that you will receive at least 600 color and black and white photographs, but to be honest, there are always many more.

5) In this digital age, there is nothing comparable to having your favorite photos in a paper album. I work with a small artisan company that uses Italian fine art paper with a matte finish and a watercolor texture. They are simple and sustainable albums that go hand in hand with my idea of how the world should be.