Louise & Robbie


Wedding at binifadet winery, menorca

Venue: Bodegas Binifadet
Catering: Binifadet
Flowers: Ferran Florista
Pastor: Iglesia Anglicana Menorca
Bride dress: Riki Dalal
Music: Icar Tosset
Dj: Dj Bass

Lou and Robbie experienced a magical and unforgettable wedding in the midst of the vineyards of Binifadet Menorca. The greenery of nature and the creativity of Ferran Florista came together to create a unique atmosphere that added to the romance of the moment. Even on a cloudy day, the beauty of Menorca was the protagonist of this British couple’s Anglican ceremony. Louise’s wedding dress from designer Riki Dalal complemented her natural beauty as she walked down the aisle.


After the ceremony, guests made their way to the vineyard forest to celebrate the cocktail hour while we captured stunning newlywed photos among the vines. The dinner was accompanied by emotional speeches that filled the air with laughter, tears, and a deep sense of love. The father of the bride and the groom’s brother gave especially humorous and touching speeches, making everyone laugh with their stories and anecdotes.


After dinner, the party continued in the winery, surrounded by hundreds of bottles of Menorca wine, turning the wedding into a unique celebration that the couple and their guests will never forget.

As a Menorca-based wedding photographer, I’m passionate about capturing these beautiful moments for couples like Lou and Robbie.